Goose Island State Park-"Big Tree"

Goose Island State Park-"Big Tree"

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saint Mother Teresa once said that "children are like flowers, how can there possibly be too many?" I agree, and I think one can compare the homeschooled child to a flower in a window box. Sometimes, those who are not familiar with homeschooling tend to draw the conclusion that these little ones are stuck in their homes all day without any "exposure to the real world" and while that may be true to an extent--homeschoolers generally retain a childhood innocence far longer than their peers--they aren't necessarily "sheltered" to the point at which they lack a knowledge of the world around them. 

You see, they're like flowers in a window box. The window box flower is free to feel the wind, that rushing of the times and trends and music on its leaves. 

The window box flower can feel the rain, whether it be soft and cool, or warm and torrential, and even if it is artificial rain that comes from the master of the house during a drought. 

Window box flowers are free to grow, to climb, to bend and coil, to become who and what they truly are, but always remain safely rooted in that box.

These little plants can feel the warmth of the sun and will naturally grow toward its light. 

They also experience the blistering summer heat, or the frigid cold of winter; perhaps at times the flower box might be removed from its spot and tucked safely inside, but only if the threat is severe. 

These flowers may be visited by a great assortment of creatures large and small; the lizard, the frog, flying insects, hummingbirds and passing deer may all pay their respects.  They are not limited to socialization with a specific peer group. 

But most of all, window box flowers are a reflection of their keeper and a gift of beauty and growth to those who dwell there.