Goose Island State Park-"Big Tree"

Goose Island State Park-"Big Tree"

Monday, July 9, 2012

Reflecting the Silversmith

I haven't posted anything in a while, and hadn't intended to write this morning, but something our associate pastor said yesterday in his homily is still ringing in my head. Without getting into too much detail, my husband and I have been dealing with some extraordinary stress in our separate lives as well as in our marriage. (Don't worry, it isn't anything terribly tragic or marriage-threatening!) Consequently, I have not focused much time on blogging as we have both been focusing most of our energy into our current strange pile of conunundrums (some stemming from friends' problems and extended family, if ya know what I mean.) and life-decisions. Our lives have been emotionally draining and physically tiring.  We are both learning to be patient with each other and trying our darndest to make good decisions right now.

Father Alex gave a great homily yesterday, but the most eye-opening part of it was his comparison of us, Christians, to pieces of silver with God as a silversmith. He talked about the way silver is purified so that it can be made into something beautiful. The silver is put into fire that is extremely hot, it is melted down so much that it has no solid form. The Silversmith works with the silver, removing all impurities until finally, at the end, the metal is so pure that He can see His reflection in the silver!

Isn't that a lovely musing? Sometimes our circumstances may be painful, or we may feel the sting and difficulty of removing vices or habitual sins from our lives; but the intended goal is not simply to experience these things, but to allow us to fully reflect our Creator. It is such a simple metaphor but one that I, personally, needed to hear with all that is going on in my own life. Let us go about each day, knowing that our problems and our struggles are not in vain!